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Click-Stand – An Elegant Solution

By May 16, 2017Gear Review

The Good:

  • Compact light weight design
  • Easily deployed
  • Great customer service

The Bad:

  • Finding the right angle can be difficult
  • Rubber parts wear out

When researching best practices of bicycle touring, I learned that our bikes would be carrying some serious weight. (Patrick’s bike has weighed in at over 100 lbs!) I then found out that typical kick stands that mount on the lower part of your frame can sometime bend your frame because of the stress on that point.

The Click-Stand solves that issue by centering and raising the point of contact with your bike. Once in place, and the front brake is secured with the provided bungee, you are in business. With all the gear we carry even a bike rack has a hard time keeping the bikes upright. So, I will utilize the Click-Stand even when parked at a rack.

The front brake bungee is almost as valuable as the Click-Stand itself! Sometimes a wall can be used in lieu of the Click-Stand, with the bungee in place. It’s even great as a low-tech bike theft solution. How many chained up bikes have you seen with missing wheels?!

Our only complaint is that the positioning of the Click-Stand can be tricky and our bikes have sustained some falls when the stand slipped out of position. No serious harm was done and we learned from our mistakes.

We recommend getting in contact with Tom at www.click-stand.com to get yours!

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