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“This bicycle tour really allows us to intimately explore just how mismanaged water really is, and we want to leave you thinking about your own water source.”

Sarah & Patrick Houston

About Us

As W.H. Auden put it, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.

We’re Patrick & Sarah Houston and our life together began when we met at Southwestern University. We became friends and participated in a weekly ‘Adventure Friday’ with our group of friends. After dating since 2008, we made it official and accepted each other as life long adventure partners April 2, 2016.

With an extensive background in water education and sustainable habits, Sarah envisioned a way to spread water awareness and dialogue among a greater audience. Patrick’s knowledge of film production and YouTube know-how helped make the dream into a reality.

Dive in to our journey and learn about the many water sources that go unacknowledged.

What's Up with Your Water?