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Storytime: One Night in Nevada

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Before we arrive we have to make a stop. We are 886 feet above the water and staring at a modern marvel. The…

Why We’re Cycling Down the Mississippi River

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Contribute to the Mississippi River GoFundMe Wander Like Water will embark on a bicycle tour down the Mississippi River starting August 2, 2017! We will…

Platypus GravityWorks Filter

| Gear Review | 3 Comments
Platypus GravityWorks Filter The Good: Compact design .2 Micron Filter Fill, Hang, Drink Expandable Water Capacity The Bad: Can be difficult to clean This was one of our priority pieces...

Click-Stand – An Elegant Solution

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The Good: Compact light weight design Easily deployed Great customer service The Bad: Finding the right angle can be difficult Rubber parts wear…

Water Week Wrap-Up

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The week of March 19-25, 2017 is World Water Week where countless organizations and individuals take the time to honor our most precious…

Xero Shoes Z-Trek – Minimalist Sandals

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 Xero Shoes Z-Trek Sandals The Good: Lightweight and easily packed Multipurpose for trail, riding, relaxing Customer Service is AWESOME The Bad: Patience finding strap…